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Hi Senusret,

If my memory serves me I don't think that Charles created a dichotomy whereby Palestinian Jerusalem was called Jebusalem and Thebes in Egypt was known as Jerusalem.

The original inhabitants of Jerusalem were said to be the Jebusites. The OT has David purchasing the "threshing floor" from the Jebusite King. Solomon would eventually build his temple there. So this is probably where the idea of "Jebusalem" came from.

An interesting view of the name Jerusalem comes from Ahmed Osman in his book "Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs" PP 144 - 148. He cites the name Urusalim which was used in the Tell Amarna letters to describe palestinian Jerusalem. Urusalem means to establishe (uru from yarah) and peace (shalom or salam). Thus jerusalem would be established in peace. This would give us the idea that Jerusalem was established as an open city, very unusual in the Mid-east as most cities were fortified and by Herodial times jerusalem also had a wall(s).

I believe that ancient Thebes was reputed not to have walls and was also a city of peace or an open city.

Let me know what you think about this! Shalom!

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