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In the Introduction to the Kebra Nagast it quotes a legend and begins with this phrase -
" A curious and interesting legend of the way in which King SOLOMON became the father of MENYELEK is found in a number of slightly varying versions among many of the tribes of Northern ABYSSINIA. According to this the mother of MENYELEK was a Tigr girl called ĔTĔY AZB (i.e. Queen of the South), "

Eteye sounds very much like Tiye and Azeb like Asheb -Sheba?

In Tutankhamen The Exodus Conspiracy by Andrew Collins there is a figure of Queen Tiye and she appears to be wearing the Crown of Buchis (Balkis ?) The Crown is very much like that of Hathor/Isis, but perhaps Buchis was just another name for the Godess?

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