Might be going out on a limb lol but...

Narmer-Adam I(historically)

I was doing some studying on Sargon and it seems to be that Sargon is used as a kingly title around the "known" world and that Scorpion of the 0 dynasty in Egypt was called a Sargon(maybe even Sargon the Great). If Adam II is Sargon of Akkad then what if Narmer is the first Sargon(scorpion) and Adam I(not including the GOD KING LINE of course). It would seem consistent with the Sargon love of the author. Also as I said earlier If narmer(scorpion) is Hor-aha's father and Enmebaragesi is Aga's father wouldn't they corroborate more as a ruler of "KSH"(written semetically) Kish Sumer but also Kush Africa..could he have kept and taken the name to Sumer? In the garden story it says Adam went to the East of the garden and the blue and white Nile and the Tigres and Euphrates would cover these two areas of Kush and Kish and in Hebrew it just says "KSH" before the english translation has Ethiopia in the bible. It also says that Adam was to replenish the earth(shurrapak flood?) would match up with Narmer's reign. Also wouldn't the Cain(Set) and Abel(Horus) story fit with my suggestion signifying(historically) the civil war between upper and lower egypt that Adam I(Narmer) ended? Not to disagree with the God king pantheon of the two Cain(Anu) and Abel(Alal/Baal)of course this being a type cast, but Set is the substitution after Cain and Abel which could signify upper Egypts victory(Narmers line of Kush) because Anu does not corroborate with Set fleeing to Sumer or in the God King Pantheon. Here is another weird thing and I am not sure if it is coincidence, but I have been trying to find out what the big ages mean in the bible and I subtracted the time of Narmers life with the time of Sargon of Akkad's life and it equaled about 930 years! I did the same with Hammurabi and Akenaton and it added up to about 365! Maybe coincidence, but I don't know; I'm sure you can check that out better than I.

Abraham-teti of the 6th dynasty? More than one Abraham?

I was reading some of the Sumerian stories and It looks like En.zu/zu/Su.en/Sin seems to fit Abraham with the story of Abe and having the isrealites follow him AND becoming a pharoah in Egypt. Now I had mentioned earlier that I feel that Sneferu is A Noah and that in the bible it says that Abraham lived around 300 years after the flood...this would corroborate wth Teti of the 6th dynasty. This would add of course the flood of Gilgamesh in the type cast of floods and would concur with archeology on the date of the flood(around the 4th dynasty) not far from either Djoser or Snefru. I have always believed that ANU(Calneh or Calno = fortress of Anu where Abraham worshiped in Chaldea maybe this is a clue for the reader)ANTUM and IYD and and En.lil were very similar to the Abram Sarah and Hagar and Isaac and IShmael story not to mention Brahma Sara-vita and Hat-hor(sacred cow worship in India). Even the Muslims say Abram is buried in Kashmir and the Zoroastrian connection between the three semetic religions and hinduism would definetly be a clue.

Gen 26:5 Because (that) Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws. Could this "that" be another case like in Ex 6:26?


If I am proposing that Narmer is Adam I then who am I going to replace for Nimrod..I would say Sahure because he not only extended his conquests in Sumer in the 5th dynasty, but it seems to fit post Kish kingdom in Mesopotamia historically and if Nimrod is the "mighty hunter" what is the constellation for this? "ORION" which in Egyptian would be "SAHU" and of course since he is fleeing or leaving Egypt would he not be considered a "RE"?

I would like to know what you think about this...