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Menelik must have been Tutankhamen, not his brother Akhenaten. King Tut's cartouche reads YMN TWT ANKH. Twt or Dyht (his grandfathers) were named after the Lunar God Thoth or Tuth. The Lunar God was also known as Iah or Yah and to the Semite population of Egypt it was EL. Just substitute one lunar god name for the other and you get YMN EL ANKH. Shortened - MN EL EK.

We also know that Tutankhamen was the son of Amenhotep III as this is what we are told in 1 Kings 11:11/12. It definitely reads when speaking of Solomon, 'his son'. King Tut was last of the family line and as the verses tell us the kingdom did then go to an official - the Priest Ay - prophet Ahijah.

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