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First I want to say that I am sorry that you feel like your work is not appreciated Mr. Pope, but this is the most profound site dealing with the most profound mysteries of the ancient world as well as the modern. Your work is very appreciated! Many if not all of us are just a little slow in putting our brains around the twisting of this Bible book so give us time . I am confused on a few things that I would like to ask if you may clarify for me.

1. Why do you feel that the Bible authors are not typecasting the Old Kingdom and just the Pre dynastic(God kings), Middle and Late Kingdom?

2. Have you discerned that King Kufu is the Old Kingdom Jacob? I think you might find a clue in the sheep story in Genesis. King Kufu as you have pointed out not only was away from Egypt much of his time, but also helped set up the Agean period in Greece 2600 BC and this would indeed corroborate with his rule in Egypt according to Manethos list. King Kufu(cheops) also as stated by Solon helped reconstruct the desolate Athens and didnt King Kufu let Egyptian borders down and allowed Imhotep to marry an Amorite(foreigner)?you may want to check into that.

3. Have you discerned that Imhotep is the Old Kingdom Joseph according to the seven year drought mentioned in the Bible the only time I can remember that happening in Egypt was in the old kingdom?

4. Also there is a King named Seth-Pherah in the Old Kindom(3rd Dynasty) are we to just jump to the Middle Kingdom with Seth-Montuhotep or discern an Old Kindom typecast?

5. If Nimrod is Narmer Menes was he also typecast with Narmer Huni at a later time?

6. Ive looked at Manethos list and it shows that out of Noah(Nynetjer), Kush(Scorpion), Nimrod(Narmer), Ham(Khasekhemwy or Hotepsekhemwy-I dont remember which you said was Ham) and Shem(Semerkhet) that Scorpion is the oldest then Narmer then Semerkhet then Hotepsekhemwy then Nynetjer then Khasekhemwy which would contradict the table of nations in the Bible as Noah being the oldest then the rest.could you clarify this for me?

7. Everyone seems to agree that Djoser built the pyramids and the dates are around 2600 BC and I see in your book that you disagree can you clarify why?

8. Could Snefru be another Noah? Wouldnt he corroborate more accurately with the historical date of the Gilgamesh flood approx. early 2500 BC(4th dynasty) than the Shurapak flood(2900 to 3000 BC) which I think is the Flood dealing with Narmer Meness time.

9. Have you discerned that Asshur II is Sargon?

10. Is Narmer; Embarigesi or Enmerkar in Sumerian Kings list I have researched and I dont know which to agree with lol?

11. Which historical floods are you saying are used in the Bible? Can you give me the historical names and dates please and how many are used?

12. How many typecast lines are from Adam to Lamech? 2 or 3 or more?

13. How many typecast lines are from Noah and further down 2 or 3 or more? Is the New Kingdom typecast in the table of nations or just Old and Middle?

14. If from Adam to Lamech is a list of Gods then why are we assuming that they stop with that lineage at Noah considering Japeth comes from Iepetos which is the God Ptah?

15. Who is the historical Japeth? And where did this line come from and who wrote it in the table of Nations considering the Sumerian stories seem to only deal with Ham and Shem lines?

16. Ive researched the heights of Senusret II, Amenemhet I, Montuhotep I, Thutmose the I and Thutmose III and they all seem unusually tall for Egyptians; were these by any chance Negroids/Africoids?

17. Were all the Middle Kindom Kings foreigners(not indigenous Egyptians) and why were they more healthy than other documented eras of Egyptian dynasty Kings? Semetic food laws? Semetic inbreeding laws?

18. Have you figured out the mystery of the huge ruling ages of the Sumerian kings lists? i.e 1200 years

19. Have you figured out what in Gods name does the 6000 years(4004 BC) in the Bible really mean lol I am dying to know this and why the ruling ages are so big in the beginning from Adam like in the Sumerian Kings list and why did they suddenly drop down to lower numbers around Abrahams time? Ive researched that the Septuagint ages are different from the modern Bibles. Is there validity in the drinking of Animal blood(which was prohibited as were many things by God kings to keep people from the mysteries as seen in the tablets of Adapa with Enki and eternal life) or is that just an explanation from apologists that dont understand what the large ages mean?

20. Do you have any new information on the new genome inception and if it is still at 50,000 years ago or 6000 with what creationists want considering science has found out that the x chromosome mutates 20 times faster?

21 Have you discerned that King Khamose is another Aaron and that General Ahmose is another Moses used in the Exodus from kicking the Hyksos out of Egypt and that the authors of the Bible flipped the stories around creating a need for the author to have manna fall out of the sky to feed the so called freed slaves from the land of milk and honey YET God had them go there in the first place lol(doesnt make a whole lot of sense for them to be starving AFTER 22Egypt unless the author is covering something up)? I know you are supposing the slavery in Egypt was Middle kingdom and that history wants to tell us that the Hyksos period was peaceful but the Egyptians DID feel enslaved by them. This I have researched and I want your input on this.

21. Also have you discerned that The Nubian Viceroy Merymose lead an army to the Atbara River. And is another Exodus lead by Moses and took place on the morning of the 15th day, of the 1st Month, 2448 (15/01/1311 B.C.E) and that this historically corroborates with the story of Moses marrying an Ethiopian?

22. Also as far as Enos being the archetype for calling on the name of their lords; the Isis, Osirus, Amon and Ptah cults were introduced as early as the 3rd dynasty are we to jump all the way to the Middle kingdom with Enos?

23. Are you the guy that found out that the African Americans in Georgia are the Gullahs from Africa? If so that is VERY impressive work.

24. What is the ark of the Covenant anyway lol?

Im sorry for all of the questions lol, but I am still reading your site everyday and it is nothing less than brilliant and again thank you.

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