Upcoming Research

Just to let everyone know, I'm presently working on a couple new things.

1) A review of Robert Eisenman's "Jesus Brother of James" with commentary on the implications for my latest work on the family of Herod.

2) I'm also looking to tie up some loose ends as far as name associations are concerned. I'm doing a study to see if the Egyptian names of early Libyan pharaohs can be determined with any certainty, e.g., Sheshonq I was pharaoh Aye, but what were the Egyptian names of Osorkon I, Takelot I, Sheshonq II, and High Priest Iuput? There certainly is no shortage of important Egyptian figures to choose from during this period. For example, might Osorkon I have been the important minister and steward of Queen Tiye named Kharuef? Was Takelot I one and the same as vizier Merymose. Was Sheshonq II a prince named "Ay B"? I have learned some new information from the latest offering in Thames and Hudson's "Complete" series. It is co-authored by Aidon Dodson and called "The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt"

While "The Complete Royal Families" is not all that complete, it does offer some new insight for me. For example, the book states that Queen Meryet-Hatshepsut (Biblical Rebecca) had another son besides the eventual successor Amenhotep II who was called Menkheperre. This son evidently corresponds to Biblical Esau, known by the Libyan name of Saussatar. I had not read about this Menkheperre (named after Thutmose III's throne name) in any other books.