Re: Amon-Ra of Egypt: Ra-H(a)mMan of Quran!

Amon Ra , Ra Amon vs
Ra Heem , Ra Hymm.

Rahymm itself means a woman's womb in Turkish, most probably from Hebrew or from Arabic originally. Hymmen is virginity coming from the same word. So there is anoter international word in Quran shared by all world and in English.

When we take this hymm/heem as "home" as i ve been revealed, it proves again hierosgamos/divine wedding of Ra Amon(man) and Ra Hymm(hymmen-feminine).

Sun's/Solomon's/Messiah's: Ra Amon's home/temple to enter Ra Hymm: Sheba Queen's/Moon Goddess's home.

"Humanity", and "spirits", peace plz, divine peace, holy shalom, jerusalem, hieroshalom plz. (in general sense)

Plz enter Ra Hhymm/Moon Goddess and plz enjoy Ra Amon/Sun God Dude. (in private meaning). (reference: Quran)