Re: Amon-Ra of Egypt: Ra-H(a)mMan of Quran!

QUOTE: "In Judaism (mystical) the deity is HAYYIN or HAYYOTH, collectively. The
> chief angel is Hayya, Hayyel, Chayyiel, Hailel (many varied
> transliterations) Chayyiel = Arm

Hayyim means "life" in biblical Hebrew"

I am going on searching the meaning of Qurans interpretation of Hierosgamos:

I explained in the two pro message that Solomon, who is male part of hierosgamos, is Rahman and AmonRa .

In the qoute above Ra-Hymm of Quran, other part of hierosgamos than solomon and amon-ra, can be related to chief angel "Hayya" and God of Life. The suffix "-im" in Hebrew is plural suffix and is used with singles to present "respect", as in "Eloh-im".

Ra-Hymm may be a version of Ra-Hayyaim; in fact all the consonants are included in "Hymm" and everything is suitable with phonetical rules.

I will continue to study the topic for you, its not foreign to you, it is a study of sacred wedding and hierosgamos.

thank you:)