Re: Amon-Ra of Egypt: Ra-H(a)mMan of Quran!

My revealations go further:

Ammon-Ra or Hammon-Ra of Egypt's is one of the most important subjects of Quran.

Hammon-Ra of Egypt is in Quran as Ra-Hman: economised saying of Ra-Hamman: Ra-Hammon

It is seen that it is in the key word, key sentence, the first starting sentence of Quran.

In the name of God: Bismillahir RA-HAMMON er RA-HYMM.

B i i s m i a l l a h i r: RA-HAMMON er RA-HYMM.
In the name of hierosgamos: Ra Hammon and Ra Hymm.

We learn from Charles Pope that Hammon Ra is The Sun God: Jesus Christ: the worldly messiah in flesh. No problem here.

But who is Ra-HYMM of HYMM-Ra then????????

I heard of aphrodite, isis, moon goddess, goddess of Love... but i never heard of such a God:"Hymm" all in my life.????

This Quran drives me mad. I feel to quit believing in Quran as a holy revealation:I will chance my religion to Christianity, may be: "Who is HYMM-Ra or Ra-HYMM?" :((((((((((((((

Thank you :)


-in the name of solomon chrEstos.
le roi et wotre lort.
lord of masonry.
ra amon...
man .