Vague speculation on the origin of "Anti-"

Many archaic cultures conceptualized a trinity form. But ancient Greece developed Dualism. Regressive? Who gained?

The work of Julian Jaynes is relevant. In his book on the "Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind," he makes the point that language develops in a culture before consciousness. It was 1980, and he asked what immense cataclysm could have brought on the immense racial trauma implied by the Breakdown, in his reasoning.

Maybe the eruption of Thera capped-off an extended interval when the fabric of human cultures was shredded, repeatedly.

Until a dozen years ago it was thought that the (Marmara?) Black Sea rose the last few hundred feet to it's present level over a number of centuries. Then around 1993 the sudden break of the of the land bridge became an established idea. The sudden break means that for a year or two the cataract pouring into the Black Sea was vastly bigger than Niagara Falls. This flood expelled those inhabitants, something like 10,000+. It began an era (lasting almost to the present day) when populations in that part of the world were subject to ceaseless upheaval.

~5550bce Black Sea Flood; ~3150bce global disaster; then Thera.

I've read studies suggesting that before the Bosphorus broke, diminishing glacial meltwaters had been causing the Black Sea to shrink down, even as the Marum Internum/Mediterranean Sea rose, over-topping the land bridge, or coming very close.

Plausibly, a canal or breach could have been engineered. The land bridge is barely 35km at the Break and higher at the south edge.

Such an undertaking may compare with the implied Herodian agenda.

Populations and cultures got "swallowed-up" in both situations.