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Thanks for the lead. Yes I have seen it described as meaning "like" or "alike", but what it seems "like" is some strange mixture of "ante" and "anti", thus "Ante(i)-Lebanon" reportedly meant "before Lebanon" to some, or even "before" or "against", as in adjoining Lebanon, but "ante-bellum", strictly means "before".

But, strictly speaking, "anti", in general, can only have a meaning that in some manner has to stand out as "opposition", or "against". Some even use this to show that it can thus mean ""facing, opposite, near, whence Latin ante, meaning opposite, before".

It can also be used to indicate something that "counteracts!", or "prevents!", "checks!", etc.

But how do we translate Antigone? Is this word just a word play of "antagonist?" or "antagonize?" After all she "defied", or went "against" the orders or actions of her uncle Creon! She thus "antagonized" Creon!

Supposedly the Turkish word for Antioch is "Antakya."

So we are stuck with "ant", "anta", "ante" and "anti" and as far as I can tell, none of these really could describe a meaning of "like" or "alike", as your source states. Thus is the meaning of Antioch, Antochus, as "like the father" or "father like", a real meaning or was this meaning just surmised, or created to fit a situation? Who really knows for sure?