Antichrist then...

So, does Antichrist mean "against Christ" or "in place of Christ"?

And why do some christian schools call the messiah to be "antichrist". How interesting. Is messiah against Christ or in place or Christ? Or can we interprete it in both way "against messiah" and "in place of Messiah"?

So there must be two messiahs. One is experimental messiah and the other is controlling messiah. One is "angelic messiah" and the other is "adamic messiah".

Before reading this message of yours about "anti", i thought that messiah is named antichrist by israeli initation because when messiah comes the ruling throne of the world will be taken away from israeli initiation; and that they dont want and like that messaih comes.

Now my idea changed some. Adamic messiah comes against angelic messiah and the place of angelic messiah is fulfilled by adamic messiah.

And he who doesnt believe in the adamic messiah is to be called: anathema maranatha as seen in the poetry below:

I unpronounce original sin.
I unpronounce dominion over nature.
I unpronounce the Anathema maranatha.
I unpronounce the death curse on the witch.
I unpronounce stoning for adultery or any other violent punishment.
I apologise to all women for the sins of man.

solomon amaleck-shiloh and the messiah

From this poetry i also realize that first messiah(angelic) is realised in woman character, since adamic messiah apoligizes to all women for the sins of man.

Thank you :)


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