Re: Significant roots of Dualism in Greek origins

Hi Gary!

One suggestion I have found is that Antioch means "withstanding", or possibly more corrrect it may mean "withstanding the people?", or "Against the people", or substitute "mob" for "people", but of course it may have had the meaning of "Instead of the rule of the mob/people!" Its meaning may be related to its founding by Seleucus Nicator, the founder of the Seleucid Empire. Antioch,in Syria was, reportedly, the greatest of "16 Antioch's he founded in honor of his father", who we may be surprised to learn was named "Antiochus"! So, we are now back to the same point!

In the Bible, we can find the name Ochran/Ocran, in Hebrew okhran!, the father of Paigel, prince of the tribe of Asher, appointed to assist in the first census of Israel!

But maybe it was just a contraction of Ocean, so the name would mean, "against the sea!"? Or "against Occam/Ockham?" (razor) or even maybe more correctly "against or instead of Occidental", since Syria was considered as being in Asia or Oriental or Eastern as opposed to Western or Occidental?

Thus, Antipater, "against the father?", "Instead of the father?", "in place of the father?", "Against the Rock?", Instead of the Rock", "Against Petra?", "Against Peter", "Against the Pope?", etc.

It appears the current time frame precludes some of the above possibilities!