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Hi Gary, the concept of swallowing up comes from The habakkuk Pesher (1QpHab), a scroll found at Qumran. Here is the full quote:

"Its interpretation concerns the Wicked Priest who, pursued after the Righteous Teacher to swallow him in his hot anger in his House of Exile. And at the completion at the Festival at Rest of the Day of Atonements, he appeared to them to swallow them, causing them to stumble on the Fast Day, the Sabbath of their Rest."

This is Prof. Eisenamn's translation from his book The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians. To Prof. Eisenamn, the Righteous Teacher was James the Just and the wicked Priest was Jonathan Annus. I used to disagree but am moving towards his interpretation.

In any case, this Habakkuk pesher is a must read for anyone caring about early christianity. Oops that's a bit of prpagandizing!

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