The Final Jesus
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Hi Eddie!

No doubt there were many influences that went into the final Jesus of the Roman Church. I think a possible Herodian "Jesus" may have provided the important historical and local setting of the gospel stories, but I donīt think such an historic person ever WAS the Jesus of the forming Christian religion and church.

He may have provided the historical garment and flavor of the story, yes, but there was MUCH MORE that went into the final "Savior of the world"! There were the very similar cults of Attis and Mithra. There was the ancient myth and religion of Osiris and Horus. And there was the influx of the Far Eastern religions of Krishna and Buddha, and so forth. I think that influences from all these, and many more, over the years went into what would become the Christ of the Church. And, no doubt, behind it all was the ageold Sun Myth.

Apart from doing away with "heretic" ideas of a human Jesus becoming a God, as you mentioned, the very main pupose of the Nicean Council was the establishing of a universal (Greek: katholikos) and internationally marketable faith that would bring the world under the unquestioned domain of the Roman Church and Empire.

I donīt think, either, that those religious leaders under the supervision of the Emperor were creating "another Jesus". But I do think that their view of Jesus was a product created over the centuries carrying within itself all the influences that I just mentioned, and a lot more.

Have a good day, too!