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Hi Helge, the bishops in Nicea were attempting top come up with an idea of Jesus that would make the Arian heresy (Jesus was a man who became God) go away. They also had to craft a jesus that was acceptible to the divinity of Constatine. Constantine did not desire to pray to a decendent of King Herod, a Roman vassal! So jesus became the one god, co-eternal with the father, always and forevermore god who became man - a Sol Invictus, if you will. It was considered desirable that Jesus lose the particulars of his humanity. Certainly, the theory was that Jesus was 100% man and 100% god. But from then on Jesus' nature as god would be first and foremost.

But I do not think the Bishops ever thought that they were creating another Jesus, rather it was their (our) understanding of jesus that was changing. The Roman version of christianity became "royal" with huge churches, gold trimmed vestements, and the high mass. Some people really liked the changes and some did not.

I find it ironic that so many religious people today are fighting against the concept of evolution where the developement/history of religion provides ample evidence of evolution, itself!

Have a great day!

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