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Hi Charles,

Bethlehem in Hebrew means "House of Bread". I cannot see why you repeatedly translate it as "House of Cancer". Cancer means "crab". Astrologically, the "House of Bread" is the sign of Virgo. Traditionally, the Virgin is represented by a woman holding a stalk of corn or wheat. In biblical astrology the sign Leo (the "King of Judah" is precessionally born from the neighbouring sign of Virgo (the "Virgin Mother").

As I pointed out before, speculations on the Star of Bethlehem are numberless. Among the more sober-minded candidates are a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, or simply the planet Venus as morning star in the east heralding the rising Sun (the Christ child). Perhaps the most fantastic and fascinating explanation is the one offered by John Charles Webb, Jr. - a heliocentric horoscope "Star of David" formation (which would definitely have been "seen" by the astrologers/wise men only). If you like you can check it out at:

However, in my opinion, there was no special star seen by any magi at the time of Herod. Of course, there MAY have been SOME celestial phenomenon at that time interpreted as a sign of a newborn Jewish king. But I think the "Star" and the travelling magi of the Gospel Saga more belong to the wonderful world of fantasy. Perhaps the story was poetically reflecting the star Sirius - the brightest star in heaven - in the winter sky rising in the east and being "approached" by the three stars known as the "Belt of Orion", sometimes also called the "Three Wise Men".

I do have some astrology software, and if ever I spy the "Star", Ill let you know.