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Hi again,

Yes, biblically speaking John the Baptist is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius, which although an air sign yet signifies water (the Water Bearer).

However, I would prefer to look upon the Sun in Leo not as Herod but as Jesus both at the height of his ministry (the Sun exalted in Leo) and at the same time close to its end (the Sun setting). According to the narrative, John was beheaded at the height/end of Jesus ministry. That is, as the Sun in Leo was setting, the horizon "cut off the head" of the sign Aquarius.

In the Gospel Saga the life and ministry of Jesus are astrologically/astronomically reflecting the Suns (or "Sons") journey through the zodiac circle. Therefore I think it is more appropriate to regard the Sun in Leo as Jesus.

This is made clear also since there is a six month period between John and Jesus, reflected in the annunciation story. Seen astrologically (or astronomically if you prefer) the mother of Jesus was impregnated at the vernal equinox and Jesus was born (9 months later) at the winter solstice, while Johns mother was impregnated at the fall equinox and John was born at the summer solstice. Thus it seems fitting to interpret the Sun in Leo setting opposite the sign of Aquarius as Jesus.

In fact, the whole gospel story is reflected in the Suns annual journey through the zodiac. Jesus is born at the winter solstice in Capricorn (which sign signifies both death and birth), baptized by John while entering Aquarius 30 degrees ("years") after his birth, then becomes a Fisher of Men while passing through Pisces (the Fishes) and is later recognized as the "Lamb of God" in Aries (the Ram), and so forth until finally crucified upon the cardinal cross of Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn.