Gospel Signs and Wonders

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Acharya S writes in "The Christ Conspiracy" (p 177):

"John the Baptist' was the sign of Aquarius, into which the sun moves and is 'baptized' after advancing to the 'age' of 30 degrees."

Also on that page she quotes from John G. Jackson, "Christianity Before Christ" (p 185):

"... the greatest denouement awaits the investigator who makes use of the Julian calendar in the Roman Catholic calendar of Saints in connection with the large zodiac. He will find that the death of John the Baptist is fixed on August 29th. On that day, a specially bright star, representing the head of the constellation Aquarius, rises whilst the rest of his body is below the horizon, at exactly the same time as the sun sets in Leo (the kingly sign representing Herod). Thus the latter beheads John, because John is associated with Aquarius, and the horizon cuts off the head of Aquarius!"

Aquarius, I concluded, was the constellation of Osiris/Issachar, and John the Baptist/Elijah was the leading Osiris-figure of his time. Leo was the constellation of Horus the Elder/Judah. Herod Antipas was of the Herodian line of Judah, which is discussed in the new essays as well.

The phrase "as above so below" certainly was applied in the days of Jesus. An abstract belief in cosmic cycles was not enough. It also had to be literally dramatized by the royal family. By connecting with astonomical events in this way, the Herodians could legitimize their rule and cultivate a sense of wonder and magic among the populous.


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