Re: Herodians, the Rest of the Story

Hi Charles!

You sure come up with some great research results here! This may very well be the actual reality behind the "gospel" stories.

However, although things may have happened more or less that way, what is to be said of the Gospels of the New Testament, written and edited a century or two after the time of the Herodians? And what is to be said of the Christian Church that formed on the ground of these writings?

The way I see it there is a lot more to the gospel stories than simply the accounts of the doings of the Herodian family members. Far from being merely such an historical account, the gospels rather amount to a monstrous fiction designed to put a spell on an entire world!

Written in a saga format it proudly poses as "true history". But the historical part is, in my opinion, only the outer garment of the story. At its inner core is that same ageold Sun Myth that permeates all ancient myth and religion.

I have pointed this out before and I think it is worth pointing out again. In no way this fact diminishes the results of your research, it is only complementary in that it puts them in a proper perspective.

In the NT story king Herod plays the part of King Winter aiming to kill the newborn prince, which is actually the winter solstice Sun, the great Savior and Light of the World. And so forth. Without this inner mythic core the historical saga itself would never have had the enormous spellbinding impact it had - and to a large extent still has - on the world.

The sorry and horrible part of all this is, in my opinion, the twisted turn the Church has given to the ageold myth, turning it into a terrible tool of tyranny and deceit.


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