Jesus Coins

This site shows the coin of Aristobulus III with a crowned Salome on the obverse.

Aristobulus III is thought to have ruled Chalcis from around 57 A.D. until 92 A.D. However, this cannot have been the case. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia (, "Nicopolis [an important Roman crossroads in Armenia] was governed from A.D. 54 by Aristobulus of Chalcis and definitively annexed to the Roman Empire by Nero, A.D. 64." Aristobulus then likely died at this time. The Aristobulus that ruled in Chalcis until 92 A.D. was probably his son by that same name (i.e., Jesus Justus/Aristobulus). Note that 64 A.D. was also the year of the fire in Rome. Although the Christians may have been small in number, their leaders were politically very important. Nero would not have been completely unaware of the potential for insurrection.

Salome the wife of Aristobulus III certainly did have children. Besides Aristobulus, Salome had two other sons, Herod and Agrippa. However this is apparently suppressed even in the Gnostic writings.