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RE: I feel it is necessary - in order to avoid any misunderstanding - to keep separate the mythical "Jesus" of the Gospel stories and the postualted Herodian "Jesus".

Alright, nothing is easy here, but if you view objectively, like "David" who may well be based on a blend of Thutmose I to IV, the Jeshua we know from the Bible is likely based on a composite of Aristobulus I, III, VI and even VII (eg. the brilliant 12 year old Jesus at the Temple may in fact be Jesus Justus Jr, Aristobulus VI 3rd Son, Ari VII). They each likely held the office of Teacher of Righteousness (see Dead Sea scrolls).

The key to understanding the revelationary and revolutionary aspects of His teachings may be in the person of Salome / Mary Magdelene. Herself and Ari VI appeared on a Galileean coin (was she the 1st woman ever to appear on a coin??) together circa 56-57 ad, yet in 70-71 ad only Ari appears on the new issue of the coin. Was equality for women an idea too far ahead of its time?

From the Gospel of the Egyptians:

Salome said, "How long will men die?"

The Lord replied, "As long as you women bring forth children."

Salome replied, "I did well, then, by not bringing forth."

The Lord said, "Eat every plant, but do not eat the one which contains bitterness [cf., Genesis 3:16]."

Salome asked when what she was inquiring about would be known.

The Lord said, "When you trample on the garment of shame, and when the two become one, and the male with the female neither male nor female. "

Ari / Jeshua preached the absolute equality of all, regardless of age, sex, creed, ethnicity; there is NOTHING beyond absolute equality and universal Love.

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