Four Points on Herodians #4
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Hi Eddie,

Thanks for the post. I would like to hear from others also to know if they are following the material so far.

1) Jesus is very easy to identify within Herod's family. Some of the disciples are more tricky but overall we can arrive at a very complete solution. Much more is coming along these lines. We are just getting started with the expose.

2) The High Priest was named Simon son of Boethus. He appears as Simeon in the Gospel of Luke . He is the one who meets Joseph and Mary at the temple and dedicates the infant Jesus.

3) Yes, Mary Magdalene was certainly married prior to her marriage to Jesus. This was necessary to fulfill the prophetical pattern. The Isis-figure (wife of the Osiris-figure) becomes consort of the Horus-figure after the Osiris-figure is murdered. As we saw in the time of Joshua, he took Rahab as wife after her husband was killed. In the Egyptian 18th Dynasty, Ankhesenamun became wife of Tut (Elisha) after the death of Smenkhkare (Elijah).

Mary Magdalene (Herodian Salome) was first married to John the Baptist (Herodian Phillip II) and then became the wife of Jesus (Aristobulus III). These relationships will be explored further in upcoming posts.

Salome was the daughter of Phillip I who was qualified for the priesthood by virtue of his descent from Simon son of Boethus. Any sons of Aristobulus by Salome would then have been more acceptable to the Jews as candidates for the High Priesthood.

4) Yes, Paul was Herodian and he can be positively identified as Phasael son of Pallas. There will be an in-depth discussion of this association in the final posts of this series.