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Hi Charles, great job as usual. Here are some thoughts:
1. Identifying jesus will be difficult because the identity of jesus was suppresses from the very start. I agree with you that he was a herodian but I think that these people covered their tracks very well.

2. You mention Herod's wife meriamne II, the daughter of a priest of Alexandria. Could the priest's name be Jarius and mariamne be mary magdalene? Barbara Thiering thinks that MM was probably married prior to her marriage to Jesus.

3. Following on this, I think that the job that jesus was really angling for was the high priesthood rather than the kingship. As a Herod, the religious leaders might not have been against him being King or Lord? However, could he be the high priest? That, obviously, was a no no.

4. Another character you want to look into was paul or saulus. Robert Eisenman has a chapter in his book, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians entitled "Paul as Herodian." Here Eisenman states very clearly that he thinks Paul was either a very close associate or even a member of the Herodian family.

Have a great day.

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