Ancient Egyptians in Australia

Ancient Egyptians in Australia

Ancient Egyptians would have found it relatively easy to sail to Australia. They could easily have followed a coast line from the Red Sea to the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal and then south along the coast of Indonesia.

I am pointing this out because Australians have found numerous ancient Egyptian artifacts and cultural indicators:

Some Australian Aboriginal tribes have many words that are of ancient Egyptian origin.

Most of the following list of artifacts have been found when digging foundations for new buildings or other excavation work -

An ancient Egyptian coin or medal found in Australia was minted in Barce during the reign of Ptolemy IV. The coin/medal has a Zeus symbol on one side and an eagle riding a thunderbolt on the other.

Numerous rocks carved as scarab beetles have been found and similar gold pieces.

Rocks carved with Akhenaten's sun god have been unearthed.

The Eye of Ra has found found engraved on Aboriginal rock shelters.

Egyptian calenders with Egyptian hieroglyphics have been found.

An Egyptian style pyramid about 60 metres tall was found at Gympie including Egyptian hieroglyphics translated as “Place offerings of fruit to the God at this stone”

Numerous other discoveries relating to ancient Egypt in Australia can be found in Rex Gilroy's book “Mysterious Australia”.