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Dear Charles Pope,

Thank you that you are so careful about that shadow behind the head. Even i know good architects use not only the the subjects they work, but also the surroundings around, but only for seeing eyes, not for blind eyes.

I want to remind you an example Dear Charles Pope:

The main Entrance of The Most Famous Christian Church Saint Sophia (Hagia Sophia)in Istanbul (Constantinapolis-City of David in fact in transdisciplinary) always offer you a shadow of a crescent made by The Sun. The architect of Saint Sophia Church uses The Sun to exhibite a Crescent/Moon shape.

On the first look i noticed it. What a great myth! Moon Goddess ! Queen of The Wisdom/Sophia, and Moon Goddess, thats Queen of Wisdom takes its light from The Sun/ The Sun God/ The King Of Wisdom !

How pitiful that so-called religious moslems and silly state of Turkey left Our Great hagia Spohia Church in a mess and destruction today. Eveb they dont make air currency for the wet to get dry so that mozaics of jesus and maria would not be corrupted .

I hope one day Hagia Sophia will be a nice church again...

Now i will send you photos of this design. ( u can see the crescent shadow by Sun on the 1st photo here) (see this photo from 90 degrees )