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Hi Sir,

I immediately went to "" and had a look at the figures there.

1-If those figures are designed after paroah akhenetan ended the regime of their old religion, can we say jewry, and later on christianty and bibles created from that new Egyptian religion logic of akhenetan since, from the the art and the figures, i realize that Egyptian logic is very correlative with jewry, christianity and religion of Quran (not practical islam being a sionist provocation).

2-I saw a very interesting head there, which has only one eye. One can think it was a corrupted statue of a head, or half remained and not finished. I would say it is neither half or corrupted. The architect designed it to have only one eye. It can be correlated with the concept: masonic all-seeing eye. ( the same eye on the dollar. Quran says that eye is of Solomon's, we can say from here that God looks at the things through the King Mr solomon, his excellencies.)

3-Thereby we can also say there is also a logic paralelism of The Amarnic Egypt (pharoahs of Egypt) with Masonry (pharoahs of Earth).

Heartiest wishes.