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ı couldnt get any answer from your post to my question.

My question is a very serious question.

That head statue of Akhenetan really looks like a horse head and gives clues of a homosexual man.

Do you mean i am "blaming" him, or shaming on him a homosexual?

So do you take a homosexual a shame?

I remembered somewhwere written "wisdom is feminine", so i thought the architect of the Akhenetan's head might have wanted to inform us that Akhenetan had "wisdom", or transdisciplinary wisdom, not of simple wisdom like some people.

I didnt ask right now if jews are agent of the Egypt or not.

And i wasnt making a joke when i proposed my quest. I witness some examples in my surroundings about "resembling an animal".

ı also think that if The pharoahs reminding us about the fenix, serpent etc, why would "a mythologic horse" not be reminded.

So i asked to learn from Papa Charles or others, if you dont know anthing about it.

Hearty wishes.