Akhenetan's head

As seen on the first page, Akhenetan's head is designed to look like a horse head.

1-What is the designer's reason to design the akhenaten's head statue to resemble a horse?

2-Is he any character related to Pegasus, or white horse of Bible.

Also i can see that The Akhenetan head gives some clues of homosexual.

2-Does it mean that Akhenetan was a homosexual?

3-Does it mean that akhenaten has both man and a woman's feelings.

4-Does it mean something related to Royal Marriage/sacred marriage/hierosgamos: "creation of the two aspects in one" (templum solomonis) thereby realizing heavenly and humanly/adamic/atomic)results.

5-Is there any theory in Egyptology proving my insights and revealations.

-solomon :)

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