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From Chapter 6 of the on-line book:

"The form of Amenism that was carried to Babylon into exile was highly intolerant of the individual gods and goddesses from which it was originally comprised. In later Jewish and Christian religion, it was forbidden to have a personal patron god other than Yahweh (Amen). However, it was permissible to choose a "guardian angel" from among the members of the pantheon. Rather than suppress the gods completely, they became sanitized as Archangels. Horus became the warring Michael, Geb became Gabriel, Osiris became Raphael, and Thoth became Uriel. Re and Seth were the "fallen angels" Leviathan/Belial and Lucifer/Satan."

We can now map these Archangels to the leading sons of Jacob (Re).

Reuben = Gabriel
Simeon = Uriel
Levi = Leviathan
Judah = Michael
Issachar = Raphael

Angelic names are numerous and probably also somewhat confused. I have a copy of Gustav Davidson's "A Dictionary of Angels." It discusses scores of different names. However, there were proabably only a limited number of unique angels corresponding to the various members of the ancient pantheon.

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