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Speaking more on the origins of Angels, I wanted to explain something within Mormonism. The reason being is a formula can be produced here so we can further feel grounded how the idea of angels appear and who they really could've been in an Earthly interpretation. This is literalism at its finest. The Angel MORONI who revealed MORMON Revelation to Jospeh Smith was none other than his colleague SYDNEY RIGDON. Rigdon had a long history of disputes and adventures with other Christian Communities before he was involved in the Creation of Mormonism. With his plagerism of SOLOMON SPAULDING'S novel entitled, "MANUSCRIPT FOUND". Sydney Rigdon got together with the Occultist Joseph Smith to start a religion called MORMONISM. I conjecture that the Rothschilds had something to do with this plan, but I won't necessarily delve into that link. In this Book based on a fictional novel, Joseph Smith would agree to have himself injected as The Prophet and Sydney Rigdon his mentor would have himself injected into the Story as The Angel Moroni himself. This was all according to plan. What happened later when Joseph Smith was killed is that Sydney Rigdon made a bid to be the Leader of Mormons, but Brigham Young challenged that bidding and wanted the Office for himself. Ironically, this caused a rift between Rigdon and Brigham Young. Rigdon left the LDS Church for this. This is merely a condensed version of the story rather than the drawn out yet fasinating details of Rigdons or Smiths Pre-Mormon exploits.

The reason for this story emphasis is to get a better and modern feel of how Holy Books can originate. The similar origins may explain The Origins of the Koran, NT and Torah and a long line of developed Religions. It would not matter if anyone had a prior spiritual belief in the divine origins of these things, because there is still a human history at stake which can be documented in the Morman case or any other case of another century. The further back in time we go to shed light on these cases, sometimes the harder it is to get the hard evidence to transcend mere theory. Through our discussion we should keep an open mind. As I've pointed out several times, The HEBREW Book of Jasher was later suppressed by the Jewish Community because of the obvious reference that said in JASHER that JETHRO (Ay?), father-in-law of MOSES (Akhenaten?), was known to hold the Priestly- Presidential title of the Mountain "EL SHADDAI". Again we see later Political Rivals originated as Religious allies with a propaganda story plan. Within Egyptian Political Life, Moses held more authority. Within Initate ceremonies, Jethro was his superior. This mirrors the same for Joseph Smith (The New Moses-Akhenaten) and Sydney Rigdon (The New Jethro- King Ay). A Formula for creating a Cult that wishes to grow into a Cosmic Religion becomes apparent.