The Archangels

There is so much talk about Jesus, The Holy Ghost and such. What about the angels and archangels such as Michael, Gabriel, Metatron. I believe some Angel encounters can be explained as contact between Egyptian Royals to their own relatives. Gabriel maybe a brother of Herod or a friend of the Family of Piso's. I've heard the notion that the Essenes had a practice of offices designated to be Archangels. In their camp, an Archangel was an Initiate and an Elder that held a sacred office. I know some do not like bringing in the ESSENES into certain historical discussion, but their practice can be taken into consideration.

Then, look at the Mysterious Archangel Michael in the Old Testament. To the Jews, he is made a personal Guardian and Price over Israel, while other Angels (god?) are designated the princes of other Nations. Some clues we can dig up are the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses have some odd beliefs of The Angel Michael. JW's believe Michael was Jesus Christ himself. The Mormons believe Michael was ADAM. I find this fascinating due to the leads this can provide us. No doubt that The Angel Moroni -The Joseph of Mormonism knew- was a friend of his Family and an eventual political rival hidden from the story and not really a Cosmic being.

To me, it seems this Heavenly battle between the Forces of Michael and Satan are nothing more than the battle between Royal inheritors in symbolized sacred form. In Pre-Sumerian times, there were Shamans who dressed in Vulture wings, Goat Skins and even Serpentine imagery. This seems to be a logical origin of the war between the Serpent Tribes and the Bird Tribes. This Drama then spilled over into the establishment of Empires and Dynasties as their descendants continues in the Book of Enoch and Book of Genesis could hint. These Empires and Dynasties inturn worshipped/honored their own ancestoral heritage by keeping up some of the imagery and tradition through a breed of priesthoods that had authority in several Ancient Civilizations. It has been noted that Akhenaten and his Family may have practiced a Serpentine Cranial deformity tradition to supposedly highten consciousness in connection with their Serpent Shaman ancestors thousands of years earlier before them.

The reason why I take certain beliefs seriously by modern groups or by ancient groups is because those groups can provide clues where we then find further clues onto the origins of those beliefs.


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