Stranger in a Strange Land
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I recently bought a book called "Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes" by Mark Gaffney. Here are a couple of quotes from the book (pp 46-48):

"The Naassene Sermon is most helpful in this regard because it documents in amazing detail just how widespread this concept of the Anthropos or heavenly Adam was in the ancient world: The Sermon mentions other equivalent names, including the Great Man from Above (Refutation 5.7.7), the Perfect Man (5.7.8), Adamas (5.7.6), Primal Mind (5.10.1), and, most notably, Primal Man (5.8.9). The Sermon also goes on to mention at least a dozen other 'First Men' known from antiquity (Refutation 5.7.2-6)."

"The Sermon mentions an important characteristic of Primal Man: his hermaphroditic nature (Refutation 5.7.14). This should not surprise us. As the blueprint for humanity, Primal Man would necessarily incorporate both male and female aspects. The Serman refers to Adamas as the rock and tells us that the rock and cornerstone are equivalent (Refutation 5.725). In both mythology and alchemy the stone is considered to be hermaphroditic. In fact, the root of hermaphrodite - herm - means 'stone,' which is also the root of the name of the Greek god Hermes, the androgynous messenger of the gods."

Just an observation on the above: The New Testament Holy Spirit also has this androgenous quality. A connection between Thoth/Hermes and the Holy Spirit was also noted in my book (Chapter 4).