All these things is written in Qoran
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It is so unnecessary and wrong not to deal with Quran on the topics you study here.

That islamic world is a bitterness today doesnt mean that Quran is not from God. I dont want to believe that such learned people here are standing against Quran. The Quran tells us of the Main Saved Book what everything is written.

That Muhammad of Mecca-600s should not possibly be a real prophet or other wrongs in Islamic world today can no way impose that Quran.

I myself experienced the Islamic society and i know Quran is so far away from what islams are. Technically Holy Quran is a Davidian, Messanic and Solomonic book. The temple of islam in fact are what called "templum solomonis".

There are all of syncronizations with Quran of The Egypt, concepts of Physical and metaphysical occurences you study here and figures in Bibles and other books, Q , and subjects Erol Asia studies .

Being such learned people here you would understand Holy Book, Quran better than any moslem. It is not a book of primitiveness, it is a book of the most honorable, the highest the very virtue of Rabbi Creator and The Holy Spirit. It also a book of "hiero shalom" and hierosgamos"

Of course there is a main source The Egypt quoted the their philosophy from. Otherwise who can normally take into account "a phoenix , a serpent etc. on a kings mask.

As an example, The Real song of the songs: Holy Quran tells us that "all seeing eye is with King Solomon".

As a very famous jewish teacher said (Rabbi Akiva or Akiba):

"The highest of the holy revealations is the song of the songs".

All in tenderness of mine...