The Dying And Born Again Sun/Son
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Hi Robert!

Yes, and to your list may be added among others the cults of Mithra, Attis, as well as that of the Mesoamerican Quetzalcoatl.

Ultimately, though, all these "mysteries" go back to the story of the dying and born again Sun! The Sun dies and is born anew each day and night as well as every year. At the winter solstice (or, rather, three days later, on December 25) the infant Sun/Son is born. This is the true Nativity. Old Winter seeks to kill the newborn child (the infant Sun/Son) but he is protected and kept safe until mature enough to start his mission.

These ultimate stories of the Sun should not be overlooked, or dismissed as "childish", since theyre at the very heart of all creation, the very pattern that goes into and permeates all life. Again and again they are reflected in myth and religion!

Recommended reading:

David Fideler: "Jesus Christ, Sun of God - Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism"

De Santillana & von Dechend: "Hamlets Mill - An Essay Investigating The Origins Of Human Knowledge And Its Transmission Through Myth"

as well as:

Acharya S: "The Christ Conspiracy - The Greatest Story Ever Sold"

Acharya S: "Suns of God - Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled"

Best regards, Helge

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