Who Wrote Q?

Who Wrote Q?

Q is the mysterious source book of the New Testament gospels.

I will analyse the possibility that it was a Herod family member that wrote the source book.

Herod family members as possible authors include Aristobulus, Agrippa, Alexander (Greek equivalent of Jannai, Jannaeus, John), Herodias, Herod Antipas (ruled 4 to 39 CE), Philip Herod and Aschelaus several other possibilities exist.

For several of these possible authors Mary (Miriamne) was either a mother, aunt, or grand-mother - and Joseph was either a father, uncle or grandfather.

For convenience I will name the author as Quello (Italian word meaning that one)

One or more of these possible authors had some interesting attributes:

It is likely that Quello was highly educated using the local languages such as Hebrew, (Hittite), Indo-Iranian and Greek. In addition this person would have been very familiar with the Koran and probably the Talmud and the rituals of the Judaean community. Egyptian, Persian and Indian history would have been familiar. The Judaean geography and landmarks would have been very accessible to Quello - also the tribes of the mountain country such as the Ebionites and the Dead Sea Essenes. Quello obviously disliked the Pharisees as he or she gives them a hard time in the New Testament. Quello would have known the names of the high priests of the NT, probably knew of or spoke with Josephus the regional historian and probably knew of or spoke with Tiberius.

There are probably many more connections that I have not explored.

Anyone interested in taking this theme further?