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Hi Eddie!

Thanks for your contribution to the discussion. Aha, you say theres no myth at all? Well, Id rather say everything is myth! Not in the modern sense of the world, though, in which myth is equivalent to "untruth" or "lie". The original meaning of the word is quite different. It simply meant "story" (Greek 'mythos'). And storytelling is as old as man. Traditional knowledge and values have been transmitted through stories ever since the beginning. So, how can you say, "there is no such thing as myth"?

There is always a story. Its a way of interpreting reality, often in a poetic or dramatic style.

Although often overlooked by the modern mind, there are certain basic patterns that run through our lives. These patterns, like the shifting seasons or the cycle of day and night, are orchestrated by the movements of the heavenly bodies in their various orbits. Like the blossoming of a flower these basic patterns bring order and beauty to our lives.

The ancients recognized all this and, relating life on earth to the movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, they told stories of Solar Heroes, like young David conquering the Old Winter Giant Goliath, or stories of the Old Winter King seeking to kill the newborn Sun (or Son) at the winter solstice.

Since these heavenly patterns permeate life on earth in minute detail, they consequently went into the storytelling of man and have permeated all mythology.

So, once again, how can you say, "there is no such thing as myth"?

Best regards, Helge

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