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Hi Helge, Hi Robert,

Sorry to butt it but, I would like to say that there is no such thing as myth. There is only ancient writing which we do not understand. Myth is a modern idea that, I have a feeling, would not be understood by ancient writers. I understand that much ancient writing can not be understood by direct intuition. That is because the ancient writer face death for directly revealing the truth. So the ancient had to deal in metaphor and a theater of substitution. That is, he changed the names to protect the innocent - namely himself!

Robert stated: "So a simple story of infidelity and its consequences within the Herodian and Roman aristocracy seems to have been converted to a new mythology i.e. The New Testament Bible." Nothing is simple in human life! Please read Josephus's history of the period. The NT is not meant just to be a morality play, even though it is that. It covers the actions and explains the actions of people, just like you and me, trying to make sense of their lives and do something worthwhile. I mean the NT is just not about jesus -it is about Matthew Annas, James the Just, Jonathan Annas, Mark, Luke, and Mary Magdalene. It is the life story of all these people. It may be a conceit of mine but "Real religion = real people." This is what I believe. It doesn't mean they always did the right thing, doesn't even mean they were always right, but for all that they were our great great grandparents - if we could but see that. They were not myths.

Sorry for the ramble.