Young Sun vs Old Winter
In Response To: Youthful Horus ()

Hi Charles!

Of course there may have been a real person playing a Horus (Egyptian Heru) role in the Roman world. Ive never denied that. But Jesus the crucified Savior of the Christian Church is certainly something far else. To the Christian believer this mythic Hero is no less than "God Himself".

If a possible Herodian Jesus in some way played the role of Horus (Heru) in ancient Palestine then the Gospel stories may of course reflect that to some degree. "Jesus" being born in the time of Herod, the king seeking to kill the infant prince, the flight to Egypt, and so forth. However, the Gospel Jesus did certainly take on a life of his own in the teachings of the Church and the minds of the believers.

So I see no point in saying that "Jesus" (i.e. the Jesus of the Church and the Jesus of Christian faith) was a real person. In its outward setting the myth may have been patterned on a Herodian "Jesus" (whose life in its turn was patterned on the ancient myth) but the core of the mythos is the ageold star lore - the Sun being born at the winter solstice and conquering Old Winter at the spring equinox.

As Goliath (which name carries connotations like "denuded, stripped, bare") is Winter conquered by Young Sun David, Herod is the Old Winter King seeking to kill the newborn prince or Sun "in Bethlehem".

So its somewhat like the hen and the egg. Which one got there first? Real people playing mythical roles or the ancient myths? At least one thing is for sure: the very pattern of life and the universe itself was "written in the stars" from the very beginning.

Best regards, Helge