Re: King Tut "Primarily Caucasoid" ?

Thank you kindly,

I try to stay away from modern scientific findings when it comes to things such as DNA on historical artifacts. I believe that if they will lie to us about a little they will lie to us about a lot.

Now I have a friend that is black and he looks like one of us (meaning white). When I went to his house and met his parents, they were extremely dark African Americans. I mean he had nothing in common with them. He looked totally different.

He then asked me if I was shocked at his parent and I asked him was he adopted. He said no. He said when he was 24 years old they did a DNA test to see if he was his fathers child... and the test came back 98% positive. This was my first lesson in appearance.

Just because he had a built like me and looked like me, it doesn't make him me. That is the samething that I can say about the skull issue. Looking at the painting and the sculptures he is clearly a Negro so how much can we give to our Eurocentic scientist how have proven time and time again to racist at worst? This have prompted me to become a true student of history, a subject I have strayed away from for years.

I must say that I am extremely greatful for the work and amount of studies you have put in for people like me who may not have the chance to go to Egypt. I have learned a lot from you and I hope that I will continue to learn.

Thank you Charles N. Pope.