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My basic premise is that mythology has an historical basis. For example, even the most absurd mythology such as the romantic stories of King Arthur and the knights of the round table has an historical basis (“The Lost Legend of Arthur” by Blake and Lloyd provides clarification of this).

The next premise is that the Bible is mythology. I think you will agree with this but I am not quite sure.

Therefore the mythology of the Biblical Jesus has an historical basis.

My search is for the historical basis of the Jesus story.

The historical basis of the Jesus story seems to reside in the Herod family, which is connected by sexual and other relationships to the aristocracy of the Roman Empire.

The reality of history in this case appears to be quite different to the story in the Bible.

So a simple story of infidelity and its consequences within the Herodian and Roman aristocracy seems to have been converted to a new mythology i.e. The New Testament Bible.

This is what I am investigating.

Why do you say “we have to keep these separate”? If I was investigating the legends of King Arthur then would I need to keep the real story “separate”?

I am searching for the historical age of Jesus Herod (I am assuming such a person existed) no matter where it comes from even if it is the Bible. Just like I might search for the historical date of birth of Arthur within the legends and mythology of King Arthur.

In fact the book I mentioned above is almost the perfect model for what I am doing.