Youthful Horus
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One of the main objectives of the new tutorials is to show that the Biblical types of Benjamin, Joshua, and David are only different flavors of the mythological god Horus the Younger. This Horus was young and of small stature. Those who emulated him had to demonstrate these same qualities. The youth of Horus also meant that he could not be a self-made man/god, but had to be designated for the role from birth. And only a royal person could reasonably expect to fulfill it.

Those who say that Jesus was not a real person miss the point. The character type had to be played by a flesh and blood royal prince. Within the family of Herod that prince was Aristobulous (the adopted son of Herod of Chalcis). One source even seems to call him "the littlest Herod". There were many Jesus wannabees here and there and everywhere, but as far as emerging Christianity is concerned there was only one historical persons that fits the bill.