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Hi Robert!

It is unclear to me to what extent you keep separate or mix the "Jesus" of the NT Gospels and the Christian Church (as established after the Council of Nicea in 325 AD) on one hand and a possible real person "Jesus" somehow related to the family of Herod on the other.

A story is always a story while reality is reality. The characters of a story or myth take on a life of their own in the minds of the listeners or readers (and especially of "believers").

As has been shown over and over again by a number of researchers, the Jesus stories of the NT Gospels reflect ancient and universal mythical themes. They are least of all any historical records - although they may be designed to appear as such. Which of course does not outrule a possible reflection in them of some real historical persons and their acts, having been baked into the stories.

However, I feel it is necessary - in order to avoid any misunderstanding - to keep separate the mythical "Jesus" of the Gospel stories and the postualted Herodian "Jesus". In the same way, for example, king Tutankhamon is in no way "identical" to the Joshua/Jesus characters of the biblical saga, although he may have served as a prototype for these mythical and fictional characters. The same goes for Tutmoses III and biblical David, as well as Amenhotep III and biblical Solomon or the vizier Yuya and the biblical figure of Joseph. And so on. They may have served as prototypes but they are not identical to the mythical figures of the Bible.

This may seem as self evident as can be, but nevertheless I think it is worth pointing out from time to time in these discussions.

So, which "Jesus" are you asking the age of? The reason for traditionally ascribing 33 years to the crucified Savior of the Christian religion is very likely of a mythic or astrological nature. The age of a possible "Herodian Jesus" must not necessarily be correlated to the (fictive) age of the Gospel story mythical Jesus. At least that is my opinion.

Best regards, Helge