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Going back to an earlier posting of mine I said:

“The “apocryphal” Gospel of Philip says Jesus had two Marys in his life – one the mother and the other his sister/lover. I give this Gospel some credibility because it was suppressed. My theory being that this “gospel” was suppressed because it alluded to the truth. In addition, the author Philip (a Herodian?) seems to be a relatively sensible person.”

Looking at the family tree that you found it appears that Joseph Herod had a daughter Mariamne and the mother was Olympias. For convenience I will call Joseph's daughter “Mariamne the Second”.

Therefore if Jesus was a child of “Mariamne the First” then “Mariamne the Second” was Jesus' half sister as the Gospel of Philip says.

Further observations of the family tree is that Agrippa is a favorite name for descendants (three of them?). Why is this? Here's a theory: the Roman Agrippa (better known as Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa) was a family hero – and why was he a family hero – is it because he had been intimate with a particular family member and produced a son not made obvious in the family tree? To make this theory valid the traditional dates for some events might be incorrect. Even Jophesus gets his dates wrong it seems or were they edited some time later?

I also noticed that there are two Joseph Herods in the family tree and the writings of Josephus seem to get confused about the two Josephs or maybe amalgamated them into one person.

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