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Please refer tothe Talmud of Jesus Pandera and Jesus Stada. Rabbianic literature begins to merge them. Jesus Ben Pandera should be found in SANHEDRIN 107b, SOLAH 47a.


Please also refer to the works of R. Avraham Ibn Daud, SEFER HAKABBALAH, 53; SEFER HAYUCHASIN, Ibid.; Avraham Korman, ZERAMIM VEKITOT BEYAHADUT (p.p. 354-364).

Futher works for your pleasure in reading is the author ALVAR ELLGAD: JESUS, ONE-HUNDRED YEARS BEFORE CHRIST. If you can still find the book.

G.R.S. Mead: DID JESUS LIVE 100 B.C.?

These all reference the Jesus Ben Pandira living around 100 B.C.-80 B.C. era.

Hope this uncrossed any wires for ya?
Besides, the Tripartite Tractate as been dated to be written in the 1st Century B.C., not A.D. It is older than the Gospel of Thomas and most Gnostic literature in general and refers to a Jesus well before the Gospel's version. The Gospels and Orthodox NT borrowed from the Gnostics, not the other way around. I think there is growing evidence the Christian accepted gospels were not written in their curent form as early as the 1st Centur A.D. but more like the 3rd Century A.D.. Prototypes existed before then but were radically different than todays while the Gnsotic Traditions on several texts remain preserved in their closer prototype authorships. The Jews in Talmudic tradition have merged this Gospel and Tractate Jesus into into one and condemn him anyways. Personally, I believe this runs even from an earlier version that Jesus (King Tut) brought his witch craft from Egypt. The Messia Archetype seems to be rapidly approaching ready for the grand world exposure by the time the Gnostics came around. Perhaps the Piso's and Herods among other Families took advantage of this momentum for their own political power hold. The Pen is mightier than the sword.

Also, let me know in weeks down the line if you find at BORDERS, AMAZON.COM or BARNES & NOBLE when you come accross the Gardner Materials to read them so we can talk on the other topics when you're ready.