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The reason why I believe the pyramids were built was to immitate Mountains for a few reasons. This was based on the ancestoral memory of being protected in Mountains. Andrew Andrew Collins details more of this. Also, Mountains protect against the elements. More than any other object, Mountains most often represented the Great Mother Goddess. In every land the mountains were identified with breats, belly of the Earth, as well as the paradise where gods live.

Chomo-Lung-Ma "Goddess-Mother of the Universe," is the worlds highest Mountain, known in the West, by the name of a man: Mount Everest. There is also NANDA DEVI, "Blessed Goddes," mother of the river goddess Ganga (Ganges). These mountains are some of the Primal Mothers called HIMALAYA, "Mountains of Heaven," which gave rise to the Germanic HIMMEL, "heaven".

Northern Europeans called the home of the gods Himigjorg, "Heaven-Mountain". The gods lived on the lap of the Great Mother. The notion of a mountainous situation of the home of the gods is one shared by other Indo-European races such as the Greeks, who settled their pantheon on Mount Olympus.

Then we proceed to the Throne of Pharaoh where Isis either under that name or Mu'at, "foundation of the throne", meaning hers was the lap the pharaoh and his divine alter-ego sat on her lap, on earth as well as in heaven.

The idea of a Mount of paradise is the Goddess's belly or vulva led to the widespread belief that life-giving rivers of blood emanated from it. The "four rivers of paradise" common to asiatic traditions, identified with real rivers by the Bible with lofty disregard for their geography (Genesis 2:10-14). One of these rivers was GIHON, the Hebrew name for the Nile, coming from the whole land of Ethiopia. The name was a corruption of Gehenna or Ge-enna, the river of Ge (Gaea) of of Mother Earth. Or again, the Nile was suppsoe to emanate from the Mountain of the Moon (Ruwenzoni) beyond Ethiopia.

This was one of the universal female-symbol images in mythology: the lunar mountain, located in a garden of paradise, containing a great cave or labyrinth, producing rivers of life. Its genital insinuation could hardly be overlooked. Arabs called it Jevel- Ka-Mar, the Mother Mountain. Even in Medieval romances it was considered the source of wisdom; Merlin learned his Magic by drinking of its Ambrosia. Annointed Knights of Charlemagne, searching for the same source, traveled to a great cavern under a Mountain of the Moon at the headwaters of the Nile.

Pyramids and Ziggurats were artificial mountains built where the land was flat, to serve as thrones of the Lord, "high places" for his sacred Marriage to the Goddess, earth-wombs for his regeneration, and shrines. Like the CELTIC "tumulus, a Buddhist reliquary mound or stupa was also an imitation of a holy mountain, often likened to a Mother's belly. Similar tombs on a larger scale were the Mycenaean tholos tombs, covered with tons of earth to make artificial hills.

Easter lamas were interred in domes or pyramids plated in gold where possible, because imperishable gold was the metal of apotheosis and immortality, making the body imperishable also it was believed. In the west where gold was not plentiful, the magic mountain was said to be made of clear glass or crystal, in imitation of the seven-crystalline spheres of heaven. The Celtic after-world centered on a glass castle. This may be a misunderstanding of the old word "glas", which means "the blue of heaven".

The expression "in seventh heaven" came from the ancient belief that the seven celestial spheres were arranged like a seven-story mountain, as shown in the Babylonian Ziggurat of seven stages. Below ground, seven concentric "hells" -HALLS- of Initiation "pits" reflected the realm of Sheol, in mirror image of the Abyss, ruled by the queen of the underworld who had many names--Allatu, Eerish-kigal, Persephone, Hel, Hecate, Nyphths, or the early version of the female Pluto before the title was masulanized. All these were the darker form of the later-ego of the Celestial Goddess.

The Babylonian netherworld was "divided into seven zones", like Dante's Inferno, upon the model of the seven planetary spheres....Seven gates gave admission, each guarded by a porter. This idea of circles in the underworld is also found in the Egyptain mythology of the ritual of the dead. Like the biblical Joseph, Assyrian priests went down into the Pit as part of their death-rebirth initiations. There at the base of the celestial mountain in the land of the Black Sun, stood the foundations of the Earth, the meating of the mighty waters.

Initiations everwhere enacted a journey through the nether and celestial spheres, a symbolic ascent of the mountain. The Norse Father-god ODIN himself had to win his wosdom by traversing the seven nether spheres of death. APULEIUS described his own initiation into the Mysteries of ISIS as a journey to the land of the death, where he beheld the Black Sun, and saw the deities of the upper and lower worlds "face to face".
Then he rose to the heights, and was exibited to the congregation in the costume of The SUN GOD himself. Mithraic initiates similarly rose through seven spheres, winning the ranks of RAVEN, BREIDGROOM, WARRIOR, PERSIAN, SUN-RUNNER, and PATER (High Priest).

Arabs perpetuated the basic Chaldean notion of the cosmos as a Magic Mountain with seven ascending spheres and seven underground ones; this in turn was based on the Hindu image of Purusha, the universe personified.

The Magic Mountain notion was taken over by the Koran and Christian Faiths to become their own. The Church ironicly vigorously condemned all the magic mountains where witchcraft carried on the worship of the Goddess. Puy-dr-Dome in Auvergne was a famous Witch Mountain. It has a temple served by women called fatuae "fairies" or "fates", fatidicae "seeresses." Young girles were periodically initiated into the sect, under the novice-title of 'bonnes filles'.

Mother Mountains continued to shelter pagan gods, who were thought to not be dead but sleeping ib the terrestrial womb, awaiting rebirth, like Hindu gods between incarnations (initiations?). Merlin, William Tell, Barbarossa, Fredrick and other slept in magic mountains. Many were assimulated to the figure Wotan which survives in these legends of emperors and empires. Was this too mystical for ya? Robert, Why were the pyramids built? I wasn't waiting to search for the answer, I was waiting to give to you. But hey, what do I know?!