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I understand the need to demystify. Actually Chi energy is the equavalent of the Aether theory. If you read any of my posts about the term Orgonomy, this explains the discovery of this Chi energy. Dr Wilhelm Reich. My Logic may not make any sense if you are unfamiliar with the breakthroughs on the discoveries of Life Force and Subtle Energy of Dr Wilhelm Reich and Nikola Tesla. I could've sworn that was already posted by me earlier. Chi is not mysticism. This energy has a Science and a practice. The idea of Acupuncture was accused of being NEW AGE for years, Now more and more insurance companies and medical practices are performing it in the name of mainstream health practices. If Nikola Tesla invented the radio and Discovered A/C Power supply, then this practically makes him the father of the 20th Century technological wise. Did you know Thomas Edison believed you could talk to the dead witha special Radio hook up he invented? I'm not the one to say he was successful or not, since I am unqualified to prove otherwise and neither are any of us. Personally, I don't believe in the After Life and all that, but I do not have the proof otherwise. The use and discovery of subtle energy outside ordinary Electromagentic paradigms is what Reich and Tesla also specialized in. Wilhelm Reich was actually successfully treating Cancer Patients with his profound ORGONOMY Research. Robert, please become familiar with these persons and come back to talk more. Chi is not NEW AGE, it has been a practice around for Centuries and successful at that therapeuticly in China. Mesmer even talked of this energy. Egypt had a name for it and so did dozens of Cultures. Unless you have used this energy or have seen the devices that I have to use it, then this may leave you outside the field of the study. I could give you the people who have created the technology to access this energy. This has been performed on plants, water and cancer patients success and results. Though this is somewhat well off topic, I will only help you understand more into this if it is OK with you and Charles. If not, then the evidence for this matter is easily availible for you in private e-mail. I would ask you that before you call this stuff pseudo-mysticism, please search deeper into the subject to find out how right or wrong you may be. This research has taken years and it does take an open mind and dedication into this field. Orgone manifests into phenomena that we call Electromagnetism, radiation, gluons that bind quarks together and gravity. What I'm saying too is that Ancient Man use to worship This Orgone energy under various names and also worshiped electricity and other natural phenomena.I am also trying to explain the nature of this Orgone-Chi energy and why the belief in harnessing it played a Central Role in Religion, spirituality, etc. Actually, I'm suprised this doesn't intrigue much since this is the demystifying I have been doing all along. I do not think demystifying has to be a Religious or Anti-Religious quest. But, that's something I am not sure if Mr Pope wants us delving into post after post. Check and find out.

As for the Ark of the Covenent, do we have evidence it was just a Book Holder? I would like to know what research has verified this. If you would please read the works of Sir Laurence Gardner, you will find how much evidence and research has already been backed and the hundreds of sources he calls upon to engage the reader. You know, I am mystified myself how I am called THE NEW AGER here, when I told you I am not a New Ager. In fact, Mr Pope in his on-line book quotes from Kabbalah and Zacharia Sithcin which are well known New Age sources and yet I don't see you questioning that. Personally, I don't mind reading diverse forms of literature even if I believe or disbelieve in that literature. Please don't have tunnel vision on this unless you realize what it is I am really saying. Please become familiar with the works of Kabbalah, Zacharia Sitchin, Orgonomy, Tesla, Sir Laurence Gardner, etc and please know the difference between which of them is NEW AGE Literature and which are really Advanced Sciences. Again, I'll remind you that this Forum would be considered NEW AGE if you were to publish and find it in bookstores.

Mainstream Archaeologists would callify all of us as New Agers. Anything the Christians or mainstream acedemics have not accepted or publish often has often been called NEW AGE.

The Holy Ark of the Covenent perhaps being a Static Generator, you would have to follow the trail on what's been found on Mt Horeb already. Do you know what Mono-atomic Gold is? Nope, its not some New Age concept, it is an actual alternative form of Gold with Quantum and Anti-Gravity PROPERTIES that have sparked an interest even at even MIT.

You know very well I like discussing these things. What I am perplexed about is why would you not do some more research into fields I've posted in recent days before you come out to rip out the New Age. You have to know the difference between what is NEW AGE and what is not. Like I said, unless you are familiar with the iterature works, pioneers and authors of the above mentioned, I am afraid, I will have to wait until you do, if you are to be somewhat familiar with what I'm talking about. Do you dispute that around 2,000 B.C. Ancient Babylon had the idea of a Cylinder battery?

Please define to me what is NEW AGE or NEW AGE ideas. NEW AGE is quite a vague and uncertain term anyways. There was once a NEW AGE Store in a town I use to live in. There were sections that contained every idea you can imagine. In fact, RALPH ELLIS and AHMED OSMAN Books can be found in NEW AGE Stores. Did you know some mainstream publishers would define the ALTERNATIVE HISTORY of Mr Pope as NEW AGE Material? LO,, It was in a NEW AGE Store called PEACE OF MIND that I found AHMED OSMAN'S publishing.

So my point is before one goes off on a crusade against the NEW AGE, be careful to the possibility that your beliefs and everyone's here have not already been branded as NEW AGE by some Christian groups or some Scholarly groups.

I'm just here to enjoy myself. If you care to have any feedback on anything further on these subjects, then I am all ears. If the ARK you feel in a tin can with a shock, then feel free to demonstrate this.


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