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Firstly, I am not into so-called New Age thinking - to me it is somewhat like creating a new form of mysticism.

And why would I want to tell Egyptian tourism to make ancient Egypt “unmysterious “ - this would damage their tourism industry (as if they would listen anyway). I cannot fathom your logic.

Why did cultures build pyramids? Probably to observe the stars and surround the activity with mysticism.

Your thoughts on initiation and symbolic death in pyramid chambers seem reasonable since this is much like Masonic ritual.

And then you get into New Age mysticism with resonances and Chi energy when there are quite probably simple natural explanations available. So you are surrounding simple things in mystery. And I thought I made it obvious that I want to de-mystify things.

Then the so-called Arc of the Covenant – probably a metal or timber box with a holy book inside that gives you an electric shock when you touch it - much like happens to me when I touch metal on my car.

So if you are following my thoughts you will take away the mystery for me instead of adding to it.

The books you are reading indicate you are searching for the truth and for that I congratulate you and wish you well and hope that you find the answers sooner rather than later.

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