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I also want to unravel mysteries of Egypt. We can thank Hollywood and perhaps some British archaologists for coming up with the idea of King Tuts Curse and why some archaeologists would die afterwards. However, EGYPT has always held a mystery for as long as its existence by many cultures who have observed it. I appreciate a beauty in that mystery not because I want it to remain mysterioues, but Egypt has offered a lot adventurous researching possibilities. Even 100 years from now, Egypt will hold an awe and mystery by future generations not out of ignorance of the culture, but out of appreciation to know History and the ungodly access they had to gold to make in coffins and other items. Maybe it was the style of clothes. Maybe, they always make a god theme on what it is to be Ancient and Timeless. If you want an unmysterious Egypt, then tell that to the Museums and Egyptian Tourist Industry who glorify Egypt in that manner.

OK, here's a mystery, why did Ancient China, Latin America and Egypt all choose to build pyramids? I'm sure there's a rational explanation. Different theories have been proposed about what the pyramids were for. Merely being Giant Tombstones many respected archoaelogists and researchers don't buy. The Pyramids tell stories and some say they were made to immitate mountains as Mountains to Heaven. I believe they serve a similar feature that ziggurats did.

Like the Druids and Magi, the Djdi's of Ancient Egypt were not interested to on purpose appear mysterious. They were in fact inclined in the Sciences and Mathematics. Learned men of their day ever questing for knowledge. In Druidic culture, MEMORY itself was considered a magical feat. Memory of poetry, riddles and stories all part of the features of WISDOM schools. Many learned men visited Egypt over the centuries and some even initiating in their mysteries. This leads me to believe that there is something more to this than basic superstition. Political men and Scholars of the time even found this worth their while. Some believed their LIFE was better for doing so. The Library of Alexandria began because of things like this. Read a book called THE SECRET IN THE BIBLE by Tony Bushby. He is also a best selling author of another book titled "THE BIBLE FRAUD". Though I read the book and own it, I did not agree with 100% of what he said. I have in the past presented what I believe the initiation chambers were for and what the goal accomplishment was believed to do by the Ancients. The reason why I feel in imortant to fosus on this is because a major mystry of the Bible can be solved. Rather than JESUS being represented as literally resurrecting from a tomb of LIFE AFTER REAL DEATH, this was rather initiation symbolism. The Tomb was more of a symbolic death, not a literal one. Also, the tomb did offer some unique experiences due to its design that are caused by a ZERO-POINT, SCALAR WAVE and contained SCHUMMAN RESONANCE Barriers in the design. It is because of these experiences, why so much effort was put into this culture and how the so-called mystery has grown. If this were the key point playing a central role of how and why Egyptians felt the way they did, then they leave us enough clues to solve more than most realize.

Also, another curious practice of some Pharaoh's are statues holding cylinder rods said to be WANDS OF HORUS. I believe these Rods were theraputic in nature and may have contributed to the belief they cou;d enhance their SA Body (Chi Energy sorta speak). Maybe they believed in Ley Lines and could have had an extend use there. Different theories are possible in what they were for. Other yet longer Rods and sheppard cains are images on some pharaoh's.

Another quest is the Holy Ark of the Covenent and its relations to the Arks that have deity symbols built in Egypt. Sir Laurence Gardner offered a very practical appraoch to this. Could this have been an electrostatic Arc producing device in turning Gold into Monoatomic Gold? This is something profound and within the reach of an Ancient Culture to build. Babylon built a battery as early as 2,000 B.C.

I believe this all relavent because maybe we can better understand certain religious imagery or better understand the way they really saw their own cosmology.


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