How About Star Lore?

Hi Charles!

Theres one thing Id like to add. It concerns WHY I begun to discuss your Zodiac mappings in your Chart 2.

Actually, my intention was to BE HELPFUL, nothing else. Since I recognized that some - maybe half - of your mappings lacked astrological validity, I wanted to point that out to you - as a form of constructive criticism. I thought that was one of the main purposes of this discussion board. And is it not?

Second, when I noted that you tended to mock and belittle astrology, I tried to show, through some reasoning, what astrology truly is about - despite popular derogatory opinion. Im sorry if my writings on that subject tended to become a bit too Amen and Hallelujah. That was not my intention, though. (You know, English is not my native language, and sometimes I have great difficulty saying the things I really want to say). All I wanted was to show the true side of astrology, the way I have come to know it, what it really is about (when not misused as "fortunetelling").

You say you regret badly that you put the Zodiac references into your Chart. But why? Wasnt it good to get some response and feedback on that thing? And isnt it the easiest thing in the world to erase them?

Astrology - that is, the astrology of the ancients - is certainly IN NO WAY IRRELEVANT to the comparative study of the Bible and ancient Egypt. Youd be amazed to know how much of the Bible - and all ancient myth and culture - that is permeated with the lore of the stars. (Allright, lets call it STAR LORE, if you prefer!). In a way the Bible is all astrology (star lore), from beginning to end.

The sad thing, in my opinion, is that astrology was misused by the Hebrew priestcraft - as it may have been by many a priestcraft or ruler - in order to glorify itself and its nation. You cannot make the Sun (and the Zodiac) your ally against the rest of the world. Its there to shine on everyone.

Best regards, Helge

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